Saturday, March 9, 2013

77 Cute and Girly Username Ideas for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

Hello, if you are having a hard time thinking of a cute and fun username, I have many suggestions here for you.  I placed a space between the words to make it easy for you to read.  There are some sites that do not allow usernames to have space.

If the username you really like has already been used by someone else, you can add in a number or change the spelling.  Make it unique and cool!

77 Cute and Girly Username Ideas for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

baby cakes
butterflies and blossoms
call me maybe
cest magnifique
crushes and stuff
cupcake sweets
dazzle doll
diva in training
dorky cool
especially me
fun and silliness
girlie power
goody sweets
hanging out
happily ever after
hogs and kisses
hot sauce
ice cream buffet
itsy bitsy
just my style
life of the party
little cutie
little teacups
lockets of love
love and stuff
love charms
love crushes
love keys
love messages
love to shop
madly in love
no ordinary girl
not boring
officially cool
officially cute
pampered princess
peace out
peaches and pie
peep squeaks
pink cupcakes
pink daisies
pitter pat
red carpet
shooting stars
shop shop shop
simply glamorous
starry night
sugar pie
sweet blossoms
sweet chickadee
sweet daisy
sweet fruitie
sweet nothings
sweet peeps
sweet popsicles
sweet tooth
sweet treats
sweet tweetie
sweetie xo
this little cutie
total randomosity
totally real
tweetie park
ultra chic

These cute words can also be your cute email address or blog screen name.
Use them on Skype, YM Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Gmail and any chat sites and instant messaging sites.

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