Wednesday, December 19, 2012

101 Cute Username Ideas for Twitter and Instagram

Hi! This blog is all about cute username ideas!  I randomly mixed and matched up some cute words and I think they sound really cute as usernames or nicknames!  I know how time consuming it is thinking about a cute username to use in all those sites we sign up for, so I made this list to make life easier for you :)

These cute usernames are great for Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Skype, Gmail, and all the social media sites.  They're also cute as an email address!  Or if you have a blog and you want a cute pen name or nickname, you can use it for that purpose too!

Maybe some of these username ideas here have already been taken, but if they are it's easy to tweak it a little bit so it will still remain cute and unique!  Like for example, add a number, a hyphen, underscore, or reverse the order of the words.... or you can intentionally misspell the words - like changing the s into a z - that would be cute too!

Ok so here is my list of 101 cute usernames!

angel cupcake
angel cute
angel love
angel pretty
angel smile
angel star
angel sweet
angel sweetie
awesomely epic
awesomely girly
awesomely sweet
baby angel
baby cupcake
baby pink
bling angel
bling star
bubbly cool
bubbly cute
bubbly pink
cool angel
cool chick
cool cupcake
cool joy
cool pink
crazy awesome
crazy chick
crazy cool
crazy love
crazy sweet
cupcake angel
cupcake baby
cupcake chick
cupcake cute
cupcake delicious
cupcake joy
cupcake star
cupcake sweet
cute angel
cute crazy
cute girly
cute love
cute pink
cute smile
cute star
cute sweet
love angel
pink angel
pink awesome
pink baby
pink charm
pink chick
pink cupcake
pink cute
pink forever
pink girly
pink joy
pink perfect
pink sprinkles
pink sweet
pixel dazzles
pretty angel
pretty awesome
star angel
sweet angel
sweet bubbly
sweet chick
sweet cupcake
sweet cute
sweet diva
sweet epic
sweet girly
sweet glamorous
sweet love
sweet pink
sweet smile
sweet star
sweetie angel
sweetie cute
sweetie glamorous
sweetie love
sweetie pink
sweetie shy
sweetie smile
sweetie star
sweetie sweet
totally cool
totally cute
totally delicious
totally girly
totally glamorous
totally pink
totally sweet
wicked angel
wicked cool
wicked crazy
wicked cute
wicked pink
wicked pretty

I have more cute username ideas in here!