Thursday, December 20, 2012

123 Cute and Girly Usernames for Twitter

123 Cute and Girly Usernames for Twitter

Hi! I made another list of cute usernames using words that are sweet and girly J

If the username you pick is already taken by someone else, you can try matching it with another cute word on the list.  You can also add your initials.  So for example if you like sparklypink and it’s not available, you can make it sparklypink_cj. 

Twitter doesn’t allow spaces on the usernames so you can combine the 2 words to make it one.  I added spaces here on the list just so it’s easy to read.

You can use the usernames here on any site you’re signing up for.   Choose a username that reflects your character.  The username suggestions here are for girls who like sweet, pink & cupcakes J

These cute and sweet usernames are also awesome for Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, MSN, Gmail, Yahoo chats and blogs.  They are also cute website name or cute business name ideas! 
Have fun choosing your favorite username!

apple  blossom
apple  cupcake
apple  cute
apple  girlygirl
apple  pink
blossom  bubbles
blossom  cupcake
blossom  cute
blossom  girlygirl
blossom  pink
blossom  sparkle
blossom  sparkles
cupcake  blossom
cupcake  brownies
cupcake  bubbles
cupcake  cutester
cupcake  girlygirl
cupcake  power
cupcake  sparkles
dreamy  blossom
dreamy  girlygirl
dreamy  sparkle
dreamy  sparkles
foozle  funny
foozle  sparkles
girlygirl  blossom
girlygirl  cupcake
girlygirl  cutester
girlygirl  pink
girlygirl  sparkle
girlygirl  sparkles
glowing  blossom
glowing  bubbles
glowing  cupcake
glowing  girlygirl
glowing  pink
glowing  pinkster
glowing  power
glowing  sparkle
glowing  sparkles
jelly beans  cupcake
jelly beans  pink
jelly beans  sparkle
jelly beans  sparkles
magical  blossom
magical  bubbles
magical  cute
magical  sparkle
magical  sparkles
oreos  brownies
oreos  cupcake
peeps  cute
piggy  brownies
piggy  cupcake
piggy  cute
piggy  pink
piggy  pinkster
piggy  pipsqueak
piggy  power
piggy  squeaky
piggy  squishy
piggypig  cute
piggypig  power
pink  blossom
pink  brownies
pink  bubbles
pink  cute
pink  dotdotdot
pink  girlygirl
pink  jelly beans
pink  magical
pink  naughtiness
pink  overload
pink  peeps
pink  piggy
pink  piggypig
pink  pinkster
pink  sparkles
pink  sparkly
pinkster  cupcake
pinkster  cute
pinkster  girlygirl
pinkster  overload
pinkster  piggy
pinkster  sparkles
pipsqueak  blossom
pipsqueak  brownies
pipsqueak  cute
pipsqueak  peeps
power  pink
sparkle  blossom
sparkle  bubbles
sparkle  cupcake
sparkle  dreamy
sparkle  girlygirl
sparkle  jelly beans
sparkle  magical
sparkle  pink
sparkle  pinkster
sparkle  pipsqueak
sparkle  power
sparkly  bubbles
sparkly  cute
sparkly  dreamy
sparkly  girlygirl
sparkly  magical
sparkly  pink
sparkly  power
squeaky  cute
squeaky  cutester
squeaky  girlygirl
squeaky  pink
squeaky  sparkle
squeaky  sparkles
squishy  bubbles
squishy  cute
squishy  dreamy
squishy  funny
squishy  peeps
squishy  pink
squishy  power
squishy  sparkle
squishy  sparkles

I have LOTSS more cute username ideas in here!

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